High Fat Meal

After Meal



Monthly Cost

Raw Eggs





Deliver phospholipids & albumin to liver







↑ The egg program provides an inexpensive option for veterans who lack the financial resources to do the LipoFlow program.

↓ LipoFlow phospholipids are more likely to produce a faster, better and consistent result because:

  • Tested Pharmacokinetics – cellular delivery near 100% direct to liver;
  • Direct Glutathione delivery to enhance liver function;
  • Clinical results support rapid liver recovery.

In other words, if you can afford it, LipoFlow is the way to go.


Raw Eggs





Deliver phospholipids & albumin to liver


LipoFlow Glutathione

2 tsp




Deliver phospholipids & glutathione to liver


LipoFlow Forte

3 Tbsp




Deliver phospholipids to liver


High Fat Meal







Butter/Coconut Oil/Animal Fat


2-4 oz



Stimulate bile release.  Eat with a protein meal with meat and a moderate amount of starches.  Lipids help to provide materials for cell membrane quality improvement.


Fiber Chaser







Psyllium Fiber



2 T


Mix together and drink 30 minutes after High Fat meal


Prune Juice



8 oz


Natural laxative to speed gut travel.


For Diabetics







Banaba Control





WARNING This program WILL increase insulin sensitivity.  Be sure to watch your blood sugar during this program.  Combined low carbohydrate intake and supplements will INCREASE insulin sensitivity.  If you’re diabetic you will need to check your glucose at least three times per day and adjust insulin intake if necessary.


Liver Support







Silymarin (milk thistle)





Antioxidant and stimulate liver cell turnover


Immune Assist 247





Anti-viral and liver support.  Mushroom product helps liver function and normalizes serum cholesterol and triglycerides.


Sleep Support







Glucosamine Sulfate




6 g

Supports joint health and helps sleep


Potassium Supplement





External source of potassium to compensate for deficiency


n-Butyl Alcohol




1 g

Helps stimulate cellular shift to anabolic


Notes: These products are generally not available on the internet.  Contact us for these supplements and we can often provide discounts. 
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