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PEMF Pulsed Magnetic Field Research Portal

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PEMF Pulsed Magnetic Field Research Portal

This page provides an organized view of a vast library of information regarding the biological effects pulsed electromagnetic fields.  The majority of these references support efficacy for a wide range of physical conditions

PEMF / Blood Experiments

These experiments dual effects of PEMF on an in vitro sample of blood. Method:

  1. In each case, blood was placed on a slide.
  2. Slide was marked by an artifact non-erythrocyte artifact
  3. Slide was exposed to PEMF over time
  4. Slide was returned to microscope and results recorded


Check out the Protocol Portal

These protocols combine PEMF, nutritional supplements and complementary energetic techniques. The white papers provide novel disease etiology explanations and suggest why PEMF is effective, and how to improve results by integration with other technologies.

PEMF Theater

These presentations support How and why Pulsed Magnetic Fields work on a cellular level. Membrane Power supports therapeutic cellular effects of pulsed fields.  It also begins explanation of why why pulsed fields seem benefit a wide range of systemic conditions.


Click on this video presentation for a discussion regarding the cellular influence of PEMF on mitochondria and cellular energy. With Permission

This discussion describes the cell membrane quality, potassium metabolsim, and describes closed-lock loops disease modeling. Presentation by Mark Squibb, with permission.

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Research publications here, strongly shows that pulsed fields are effective for many health conditions.  In many cases, the biological effects of pulsed fields are supported with about 42 medically credible double-blind placebo controlled trials. These clinical trial results, both positive and negative, support the cellular efficacy mechanism described in our presentation on Membrane Power, as it describes anabolic and potassium metabolism effects. 

Category FastTrack Research Article Count PubMed
Autoimmune Autoimmune 2 220 142,000+
Multiple Sclerosis 3 39 1,260,000+
Rheumatoid Arthritis 2 69 1,280,000+
Lupus   4  
Cancer 4 209 1,210,000+
Endocrine Hormonal 2 81 671,000+
Sleep   23  
Melatonin 11 26 133,000+
Anti Pathogenic     168  
Neural Neurological 20 385 1,090,000+
Neural Regeneration 11 5 147,000+
Migraines 4 6 332,000+
Epilepsy 1 11 260,000+
Parkinson's 10 65 734,000+
Psychological Anxiety 2 9 667,000+
Depression 23 11 975,000+
Athletic Performance 1 5 220,000+
Intelligence Enhancement 5 73 1,270,000+
Regeneration Burns 2 12 1,260,000+
Sleep 1 45 1,020,000+
Stroke 1 69 1,050,000+
Vascular 4 235 1,120,000+
Vision 4 41 359,000+
Skeletal Bone/Osteo 8 273 1,160,000+
Osteoarthritis 9 46 406,000+
Osteoporosis 2 37 204,000+
Injury Recovery 17 779 1,130,000+
Pain 4 111 1,090,000+
Back Pain 2 118 878,000+
Miscellaneous Miscellaneous 1 2436 30,900,000+
Therapy 7 672 1,230,000+

Click Here to review ALL, 5500+, Pubmed articles on Pulsed Magnetic Fields.

This research corresponds to use of PEMF devices including, but not limited to the Papimi, MagnaPulse

   Copyright 2005-2009, All Rights Reserved, Mark Squibb
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