PEMF is a highly effective technology which often produces beneficial results in minutes. This site provides:

  • Advice on how to use devices;
  • Advice on how NOT TO USE these devices;
  • A single repository for experiences;
  • Community access with respect for individual privacy.

It does not:

  • Endorse a specific device;
  • Attempt to describe all devices marketed as PEMF;
  • Use brand information for any device to promote one device over another.

No known PEMF device is approved by the FDA for any purpose whatsoever  – nor are they ever likely to be.  PEMF is viewed as a disruptive technology and enjoys continuing prejudice and disregard by the conventional care community led by the AMA.  This conflict dates back to the conflict between Morris Fishbein and Royal Raymond Rife, where Fishbein sought to monopoly control of energetic technology.

PEMF Devices were rumored common in hospitals until the 1940s, but faded subject to prejudice toward energetic therapy devices by the AMA subsequent to the Fishbein/Rife conflict.  This author asserts regulatory acceptance would disrupt with the business practice and revenue in conventional health care – and is therefore unlikely.


This application supports mobile users.  Use the dropdown arrow next to “PEMF Live” to access our mobile-optimized services.  You can use your mobile device to quickly: Access Protocols Submit a field survey Report an Adverse Response View performance Data And much more

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