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Unexpected Responses

An unexpected response is a physical response not anticipated by the published research data regarding PEMF.Categories of unexpected Responses:


PEMF has multiple beneficial effects on bacterial infections. In some cases the response is highly effective. The following observations occurred in a 1 of 1 ratio (at this time), meaning that the response is likely statistically significant, but reproducibility is unknown.

MRSA – Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus

Two exposures of the same individual to the right knee. MRSA infection contracted during surgery 5 years prior. First exposure observations:

  • Improved range of motion – immediate;
  • Old scar began to drain yellow fluid within 15 minutes;
  • Resulted in yellow fluid draining within 15 min;
  • Reduction in apparent severity of infection noted;
  • Exposure did not resolve infection;

Second Exposure Observations (1 year later):

  • Series of four exposures
  • Lesions opened and drained 1/4 cup of puss after second exposure;
  • Repeated exposure appeared to increase immune response;
  • Structural changes in knee, reduced circumference;
  • Treatment of liver resolved fatigue, subject reported sense of “well being”;
  • Drainage of joint continued for approximately two weeks;
  • Applied ePad continuously while therapy not active;
  • Subject continued ePad use after PEMF no longer available.
  • One of one cases.

Oral Abscess – Two of Two Cases

Two subjects used PEMF to treat dental discomfort prior to scheduled root canals. Each treatment was approximately two days prior to the root canal appointment. Each subject used a small probe to apply high intensity to the area.Both subjects cancelled the root canal appoints because the apparent need resolved.


PEMF exposure has produced recovery responses in a number of individuals. These are:

We continue to evaluate these responses to determine and improve reproducibility.

Arthritic Joint Regeneration

This apparent reproducibility of this effect is over 50% of the time when an individual does not experience and adverse response to initial exposure. Repeated exposures normally result in Significant Cumulative Response.

Tooth Regeneration

Case History. A 33 year old woman had a tooth removed. That evening she used a PEMF device for a 20 minute exposure to treat the discomfort of the surgery site.Approximately one week later she noticed discomfort in the former tooth site. She returned to the dentist who took an X-Ray. The radiograph showed a new tooth forming.

Later she noticed discomfort in her other dental work. Upon follow-up to the dentist he observed re-formation of tooth surfaces below most of her existing dental work.

Accelerated Wound Healing

A 47 year old woman in good health experienced a sprained ankle. The ankle turned purple within 10 minutes and she was unable to walk. She has a historically high tolerance for discomfort having delivered 5 children without complaint or pain medication, two of the deliveries were breach.Applied PEMF and ePad post injury. PEMF was reapplied when pain recurrence for approximately 30 minutes.

Recovery Benchmarks:

  • Three days post injury she walked 1/2 mile with a splint
  • Four days retired splint;
  • Seven days, reported fully recovered

Recovery performance has been reproduced with high reliability. Multiple reproductions of the therapy report:

  • Consistent reduction healing time of approximately 75% (healing in about 1/4) expected time;
  • No apparent tendency for reinjury – suggesting near complete regeneration;
  • Substantial reduction of injury related discomfort;
  • Reduced tendency for scar tissue formation.

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