PEMF Response Guide

This document proposes a PEMF response prediction method.

The PEMF exposure response gives predictive and useful information regarding health status. In addition to immediate therapeutic response, it often provides data regarding to toxicity and infection.

Previous publications offered ad hoc guidelines for therapy based on exposure time. Our considerable experience shows these guidelines to be too conservative for people in good health, and too generous for people in poor health. Moreover, nearly every person wonders:

  • How much relief will I get?
  • How long will the treatment last?
  • Does it help me heal or just reduce the pain?
  • How long will I need to do it to get better?

Over the last several years, we discovered that the therapy performance depends on:

  • The health status of the person;
  • Correct use of the devices;
  • Treatement of the body part actual versus perceived dysfunction;
  • Produces very consistent results reflected in the table below.

and result in very consistent outcomes. The table below

. We have distilled our experiences into a table, below, given correct therapy design is consistent with our experience.

Primary Goals:

  • Enable determination of probable response to PEMF Exposure to manage user expectation;
  • Suggest an initial assessment model to establish useful limits to initial exposure duration and intensity manage initial exposure for optimal response;
  • Establish response analysis model which guides next-step therapy recommendations.

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Membrane Pathology Stage Matrix

Stage Description Phase Angle Range Telltales Metabolic Bias Typical Duration Yr  Reversal Time Mo 1 Membrane performance slightly below normal indicates tendency for further decline.  Mild symptoms PA < normal Cold Extremities – reflect early decline in anabolic heat production; Excess nervous energy – telltales mitochondrial compensation for anabolic deficiency; Difficulty going to sleep more …

PEMF Reduced Agglutination

This video illustrates the immediate resolution of rouleau with a live blood sample after a 3 minute exposure to PEMF. These results are very consistent with physical responses illustrating immediate improvement in circulation and oxygenation.

View Reports

Access these items to review summaries of response reports.

PEMF Reduced Poikilocytosis

This video indicates that PEMF exposure tends normalize appearance of red blood cells which have reduced size and entered poikilocytosis. The video uses a same-sample images to illustrate the apparent beneficial changes in erythrocyte structure using PEMF.

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