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This application supports mobile users.  Use the dropdown arrow next to “PEMF Live” to access our mobile-optimized services.  You can use your mobile device to quickly:

  • Access Protocols
  • Submit a field survey
  • Report an Adverse Response
  • View performance Data
  • And much more


    • chris zimmer on October 31, 2011 at 8:07 pm
    • Reply

    Hi: I have enjoyed reading about the protocols for the pemf, while going through the info I saw mentioned treatments for acute injuries using enstem. How do I find out more about this? Please email me if you could @

    thanks, Chris Zimmer D.C.

    1. Thanks Chris. Delighted to hear from you. I also emailed you a few minutes ago. Briefly stated, EnStema is contributing breakthrough results on joint injuries (both fresh and stale). It uses a proprietary technique using acupuncture needles and a zeta probe only available from Whole Health Network and/or
      If you wish to speak my number is 970-372-4274. This is also on the emails I sent you.

      Jim C

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