These links pro­vide a reg­istry of providers by loca­tion:

We respect the pri­va­cy of both providers, and users, so we have refrained from pub­lish­ing any iden­ti­ty details.  The provider forms include “pub­lic” infor­ma­tion which we may pub­lish lat­er.


Find Provider

Use this form to request that provider near you con­tact you. We do not list them pub­licly to pro­tect their pri­va­cy. More com­plete infor­ma­tion will help them help you more. Load­ing…

Survey & Release Forms

These forms pro­vide basic dis­clo­sure and release for providers and users: Basic Dis­com­fort Sur­vey & Release Provider “What to expect” hand­out (com­ing soon)

Join Provider Network

Please fill out this form to join the PEMF provider net­work. These list­ings are are lim­it­ed to Plas­ma Dis­charge Devices. You should only join this net­work if you and us to con­tact you with indi­vid­u­als who seek PEMF ther­a­py near your area. Load­ing…

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