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Asthma PEMF Protocol

Individuals with breathing difficulties usually associated with asthma usually benefit from this protocol.

First Session:Pulse Protocol

  • Sash Left/Sash Right Probe position 3 minutes each
  • Treat head of Infraspinatus bilateral – 3 minutes each side – double loop or joint
  • Chest Wrap – long probe 3-7x around chest area

Oral Myer’s Cocktail – 2 ounces in one day, all at once or split doses as required

Exercise with oxygen – 5 to 15 minutes (hyperbaric as long as COPD is not present)

Maintenance Protocol

  • Liposomal Magnesium Chloride – 1 tsp/day
  • Pulse protocol 1-3 times weekly as needed
  • Exercise with oxygen – daily
  • Weekly Myers Cocktail

Typical Results

Most individuals experience a significant reduction in asthma symptoms immediately, usually accompanied by a decreased requirment for inhaler use.

Over two to twelve weeks, the maintenance requirements tend to decrease. Repeat protocol on an as-needed basis.


Most asthmatics have a parasympathetic tendencies. They also tend toward glucose imbalance. Glucose imbalances create a favorable environment for bacterial and fungal pathogens, which produce toxins which reinforce the parasympathetic stress, and consequently asthmatic symptoms.

Watch closely for fungal signs, yellow toenails, hypo and hyper glycemic tendencies, as well as sugar cravings. Avoid sugar and processed carbohydrates.

Parasympathetics tend toward anabolic tendencies, and benefit from magnesium thiosulfate and magnesium orotate, supplementation. It often takes considerable amounts of magnesium to help them normalize. Use only liposomal magnesium chloride with anabolic biased individuals.

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  1. COPD per se isn’t a contraindication, but active URI/bronchitis or bullous emphysema is. The infections can flare and a bulla can burst under hyperbaric conditions. Also, a person with CHF with an EF of less than 35% with lower extremity edema is a contraindication as well as treatment with certain chemotherapeutic agents. I was a hyperbaricist for 6 years.

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