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Asthma PEMF Protocol

Indi­vid­u­als with breath­ing dif­fi­cul­ties usu­al­ly asso­ci­at­ed with asth­ma usu­al­ly ben­e­fit from this pro­to­col.

First Ses­sion:Pulse Pro­to­col

  • Sash Left/Sash Right Probe posi­tion 3 min­utes each
  • Treat head of Infra­spina­tus bilat­er­al — 3 min­utes each side — dou­ble loop or joint
  • Chest Wrap — long probe 3–7x around chest area

Oral Myer’s Cock­tail — 2 ounces in one day, all at once or split dos­es as required

Exer­cise with oxy­gen — 5 to 15 min­utes (hyper­bar­ic as long as COPD is not present)

Main­te­nance Pro­to­col

  • Lipo­so­mal Mag­ne­sium Chlo­ride — 1 tsp/day
  • Pulse pro­to­col 1–3 times week­ly as need­ed
  • Exer­cise with oxy­gen — dai­ly
  • Week­ly Myers Cock­tail

Typ­i­cal Results

Most indi­vid­u­als expe­ri­ence a sig­nif­i­cant reduc­tion in asth­ma symp­toms imme­di­ate­ly, usu­al­ly accom­pa­nied by a decreased requirment for inhaler use.

Over two to twelve weeks, the main­te­nance require­ments tend to decrease. Repeat pro­to­col on an as-need­ed basis.


Most asth­mat­ics have a parasym­pa­thet­ic ten­den­cies. They also tend toward glu­cose imbal­ance. Glu­cose imbal­ances cre­ate a favor­able envi­ron­ment for bac­te­r­i­al and fun­gal pathogens, which pro­duce tox­ins which rein­force the parasym­pa­thet­ic stress, and con­se­quent­ly asth­mat­ic symp­toms.

Watch close­ly for fun­gal signs, yel­low toe­nails, hypo and hyper glycemic ten­den­cies, as well as sug­ar crav­ings. Avoid sug­ar and processed car­bo­hy­drates.

Parasym­pa­thet­ics tend toward ana­bol­ic ten­den­cies, and ben­e­fit from mag­ne­sium thio­sul­fate and mag­ne­sium oro­tate, sup­ple­men­ta­tion. It often takes con­sid­er­able amounts of mag­ne­sium to help them nor­mal­ize. Use only lipo­so­mal mag­ne­sium chlo­ride with ana­bol­ic biased indi­vid­u­als.

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  1. COPD per se isn’t a con­traindi­ca­tion, but active URI/bronchitis or bul­lous emphy­se­ma is. The infec­tions can flare and a bul­la can burst under hyper­bar­ic con­di­tions. Also, a per­son with CHF with an EF of less than 35% with low­er extrem­i­ty ede­ma is a con­traindi­ca­tion as well as treat­ment with cer­tain chemother­a­peu­tic agents. I was a hyper­bari­cist for 6 years.

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