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Foot Wrap

This series of images suggests a method to wrap a foot. This is useful in a variety of conditions:

  • Sprained Ankle
  • Arthritis in foot joints
  • Any foot injury

PEMF is very helpful with injury recovery. Start treating with PEMF as soon as possible after the injury. PEMF and ePads will limit the extent of the inflammation, which reduces the total tissue damage. It is common for rapid PEMF therapy to reduce injury severity by up to 75% – by preventing inflammaiton. See Injury Care Site.

Step 1 – Lay out the rope cable

Step 2 – Lash the rope cable at the top

Step 3 – Wrap the Joint

Try to be neat, and center most of the wrap over the injury area.

Step 4 – Bottom Lash

Lash the bottom of the wrap. The two lashes keep the wrapping in place during treatment.

Step 5 – Use any leftovers and connect

Until you get used to it, you may have some leftover cable. You can use any leftover to add more wraps if there is too much tail. Try, if possible to center these wraps over the injury area. If needed you can lash the wrap again.

Here is a picture of a lash – or Overhand knot

  • Go around your leg
  • Leave the wrap loose
  • Put the end through the loose wrap
  • Snug the wrap around the end you just put under

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