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Nutrient Support

PEMF ener­getic ther­a­py is very effec­tive because it pro­duces results.  But every ener­getic process uses fuel.  Over time, PEMF caus­es deple­tion of nutri­ents.  Restor­ing these nutri­ents along with PEMF ther­a­py accel­er­ates results and aids avoid­ance of adverse expe­ri­ence.

These Prod­ucts improve per­for­mance of PEMF ther­a­py by con­tribut­ing to meta­bol­ic reserves which aid heal­ing:



    • geraldine vaurigaud on November 15, 2012 at 1:39 am
    • Reply

    you used to car­ry a pro­to­col that worked with adren­a­ls …

    first the per­son count­ed their breath for a minute … this was indi­ca­tion of a meta­bol­ic occur­rence in the body … I dont’ see infor­ma­tion for this any­more … nor any prod­ucts … please link me to this field of data and prod­ucts again .… do you uti­lize this with peo­ple any­more … I don’t see many of the pro­to­cols that you used to use …
    thank you …

    1. Hi Geral­dine:
      Yes. We’ve merged fatigue pro­to­cols into our oxy­gen prod­ucts.

      You can review oxy­gen pro­to­cols,,,, are much more appro­pri­ate for gen­er­al fatigue.

      While PEMF works well for short term adren­al sup­port, adren­al fatigue usu­al­ly occurs because of a sys­temic issues that cause pro­longed stress. Even­tu­al­ly they can­not to com­pen­sate any­more and this is diag­nosed as “adren­al” issues.

      I assert that this is an incom­plete analy­sis — that over­looks the cause of adren­al stress. In nature, the adren­a­ls engage briefly for fight-or-flight sur­vival. Always-on sys­temic con­di­tions reliance reflects gen­er­al­ized fail­ure in gen­er­al ener­gy pro­duc­tion.

      This is adressed in the Fatigue Web­site. And at this point, this is best reme­died by repair of steady state ener­gy pro­duc­tion — most effec­tive­ly addressed by restor­ing oxy­gen and rever­sal of vas­cu­lar inflam­ma­tion.

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