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Nutrient Support

PEMF energetic therapy is very effective because it produces results.  But every energetic process uses fuel.  Over time, PEMF causes depletion of nutrients.  Restoring these nutrients along with PEMF therapy accelerates results and aids avoidance of adverse experience.

These Products improve performance of PEMF therapy by contributing to metabolic reserves which aid healing:


    • geraldine vaurigaud on November 15, 2012 at 1:39 am
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    you used to carry a protocol that worked with adrenals …

    first the person counted their breath for a minute … this was indication of a metabolic occurrence in the body … I dont’ see information for this anymore … nor any products … please link me to this field of data and products again …. do you utilize this with people anymore … I don’t see many of the protocols that you used to use …
    thank you …

    1. Hi Geraldine:
      Yes. We’ve merged fatigue protocols into our oxygen products.

      You can review oxygen protocols,,,, are much more appropriate for general fatigue.

      While PEMF works well for short term adrenal support, adrenal fatigue usually occurs because of a systemic issues that cause prolonged stress. Eventually they cannot to compensate anymore and this is diagnosed as “adrenal” issues.

      I assert that this is an incomplete analysis – that overlooks the cause of adrenal stress. In nature, the adrenals engage briefly for fight-or-flight survival. Always-on systemic conditions reliance reflects generalized failure in general energy production.

      This is adressed in the Fatigue Website. And at this point, this is best remedied by repair of steady state energy production – most effectively addressed by restoring oxygen and reversal of vascular inflammation.

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