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Individuals with joint, sprains, fractures benefit from this protocol. Recovery time is typically reduced to about 1/3, or less of normal time.

Also… It is very important to use PEMF Nutrient Spray. Repeated PEMF use depletes nutrients from the injured area and can cause increased discomfort with long term exposure. PEMF nutrient spray restores these nutrients and supports faster healing.

Discomfort will usually resolve after the first pulse treatment. Inflammation decreases almost immediately. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO AVOID OVER-STRESS. The protocol reduces pain, and accelerates healing. Take it easy while you recover.

PEMF is 1 of several parts of the recommended protocol.  Please see the Injury Care Site for complete detail.

First Session:

Pulse Protocol 1-3x daily

Pulse Protocol
Position Time (min) Image Repeat
Joint Wrap
Daily or when pain returns
Through Joint
Daily or when pain returns
Across Joint
Daily or when pain returns

Typical Results

Most individuals experience a significant reduction in discomfort immediately. Relief lasts from 1 hour to 2 days. Injury healing time reduced by 1/2 to 2/3 of normal.


Pain is the best indicator of when to repeat protocol. Do NOT OVERUSE joint. The

absence of pain does not mean that the joint is fully healed.

There will be a tendency for the duration of pain relief to increase as the joint heals.

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