PEMF – Ankylosing Spondylitis

Back Pain

Dr. Larry Jaggers gives a video report of how PEMF Therapy worked with his ankylosing spondylitis.  Dr. Jaggers is a professional therapist and well educated in very well versed traditional and  alternative healing methods.

His personal assessment has great value because of his combined formal knowledge, and long personal experience with ankylosing spondylitis.  PEMF results relative to other methods he has used over the past years treating his condition.


  • 12 Minutes with rope probe wrapped around waist (see video)
  • 9 Min rope probe around neck (see video)

This protocol used a Magnapulse PEMF Unit. More information at or visit or store

Meniere’s & Tinnitus Protocol

Inner Ear Inflammation

Inner Ear Inflammation

Frederick spent 5+ years with dizziness, or  Meniere’s triggered by stress and travel.

We developed this protocol based on stuck inner ear inflammation.  It worked in an afternoon.  Meniere’s is closely related to tinnitus… Continue reading

11 Kids + Bad Shoulder = Bad

pemf therapyHi – My name is Marsha – 11 kids call me mom.

I hurt my shoulder 10 months ago.  This is my story…
Continue reading

Hummers vs Ringers

5361072_sWould you like to know the difference between a hummer and a ringer?

I’ve been asked to explain this difference many times because it’s the main difference between PEMF Devices like MagnaPulse and resonant devices like MRS and Cur**t*on(R).   Here is an explanation – of my opinion of the differences. Continue reading

Chris Thomas 100m Olympic Hopeful

Screen Shot 2013-06-01 at 5.53.02 PMChris Thomas has been training for years to run in the 2012 Olympics.  His performance was, until today, limited by a hamstring knot.  This 4 minute video chronicles resolution of this injury in a single session using advanced MagnaPulse therapy. Continue reading

PEMF First Time

Energetic Neuron CorePEMF First Time

The first challenge of a PEMF device is proper usage. PEMF devices produce an almost immediate benefit, with very rare adverse responses.  This protocol enables a self guided initial therapy experience. Continue reading

PEMF Response Predictor

Live Survey Results

How many times have you wanted a guide to manage successful initial PEMF therapy – that didn’t blindly quote an arbitrary number of minutes?  If you’re like me, at least a thousand.

How often have you wanted to tell a person what to expect from a PEMF session?  How much relief was likely, or how long relief will last?  Continue reading

Broken Nose – PEMF Zeta Probe

Screen Shot 2013-06-01 at 5.56.18 PMBrandon broke his nose on a knee board 45 minutes prior to therapy.   This video shows his injury immediately after and at 24 hours.
Use of a Zeta Probe:

  • Reduced pain immediately;
  • Reduced secondary trauma;
  • Bruising & swelling were reduced by approximately 75% of untreated levels;
  • in 14 minutes. Continue reading

Acute Injury – Catching Up with Dr. G

One of the leading sports therapists, Dr. G, explains how the MagnaPulse reduces inflammation. Dr. G reports that he gets at least a 50% reduction in discomfort with only 2 five minute cycles with sports injury. Continue reading

Zeta Probe Accelerates Recovery

Zeta Probe

The Zeta Probe, originally designed to aid in stroke recovery enables near overnight recovery from acute and chronic ankle injury with two NFL football players. Each case had been treated several times with standard PEMF coils, with limited results, including maximum “training room” care. Continue reading

PEMF Live – Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy