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What is the difference between Plasma Discharge and harmonic devices?

There are two different categories of devices, and they are as different as cats and dogs, but both are animals because both use an electro-magnetic field to trigger physiological effects.

Like animals, the characteristic of the field defines the effect.  Resonant and Plasma Discharge fields are very different in character, and therefore effect.  As dogs are poor at catching mice, cats are poor at keeping foxes out of the chicken house.  The performance and cost of each device suits different needs.

Technically speaking:

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So, in our opinion, both are valuable.  Resonant devices tend to fit health-maintenance requirements, while Plasma Discharge Devices tend to be better suited to health repair applications.

This forum specifically addresses to pulse discharge devices or Plasma Discharge Device, which are different from  resonance devices which utilize various waveforms.

The basic question boils down to “Which is better?” Well that’s an unfair question and it depends on the problem the device is being used to solve. Here are some guidelines:

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