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Plasma Discharge

Plas­ma Dis­charge Devices (PDDs). TSDDs are spark-dis­charge devices.

TSS­Ds oper­ate when a high volt­age accu­mu­lates in a volt­age cir­cuit. The volt­age is exposed across a spark gap, usu­al­ly filled with air or oth­er gas. When the volt­age exceeds the ion­ic break­down volt­age of the insu­lat­ing gas, a spark occurs. The spark cre­ates a “plas­ma” zone. 592px-Plasma-lamp_2-296x300

The devices pro­duce a spark when elec­tric­i­ty dis­charges across a spark gap caus­ing a pulse of high cur­rent to flow through the cir­cuit. The gap is a switch. The wire con­tain­ing the the cur­rent loop is an anten­na. The flow cre­ates a brief, usu­al­ly 100 ns to 500 ns, cur­rent to flow through the anten­na wire. This flow, when cou­pled to tis­sue, has nor­mal­ly ben­e­fi­cial effects on near­by tis­sue.

There are many PEMF devices which uti­lize low ener­gy har­mon­ic wave­forms. This pub­li­ca­tion does not attempt to address these devices. This author was unable to find any ref­er­ences to Tes­la work­ing with “low volt­age” devices.

Tes­la report­ed­ly dis­cov­ered the effects of elec­tric­i­ty on cells while under con­tract with New York City sub­way to inves­ti­gate health effects of high ener­gy dis­charge. Dur­ing this inves­ti­ga­tion he devel­oped the con­cept of Cold Elec­tric­i­ty. 746px-Tesla_colorado_adjusted

Tes­la rec­og­nized that there was a cel­lu­lar response to cold elec­tric­i­ty. At very high lev­els, with gen­er­a­tors that pow­ered the New York sub­way sys­tem, the effects were some­times harm­ful.

Dur­ing lat­er exper­i­ments, Tes­la dis­cov­ered that low­er lev­el PEMF effects tend­ed to be very ben­e­fi­cial and accel­er­at­ed heal­ing. The rela­tion­ship between ener­gy and life earned a nobel prize for sci­en­tists in about 1961 for the dis­cov­ery that elec­tri­cal ener­gy is the miss­ing ingre­di­ent for cre­ation of life.Tesla report­ed­ly devel­oped Elec­tro ther­a­peu­tic devices, which were wide­ly deployed into hos­pi­tals that uti­lizes small spark dis­charges like the one pic­tured at the right, a pulse diathermy device. Diathermy1

These devices pro­duce a wave­form with in the anten­na cou­pling.

The wave­form from these devices tends to look some­thing like the pic­ture on the left.Intermittent pulse dis­charges cre­ate an ini­tial impulse. Depend­ing on ener­gy absorp­tion with­in the cir­cuit, the wave­form decreas­es with­in mul­ti­ple cycles to qui­et.


They are called pulsed because the whole wave­form repeats on an inter­mit­tent basis.


More infor­ma­tion on PEMF here.


These devices were report­ed­ly com­mon use in hos­pi­tals until the late 1940s. Their use was dis­con­tin­ued with the dom­i­nant emer­gence of the Phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal indus­try and sub­se­quent dis­cred­it of ener­gy med­i­cine result­ing from the mon­e­tary con­flict between Mor­ris Fish­bein and Roy­al Ray­mond Rife.


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