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First Time

The first challenge of a PEMF device is proper usage. PEMF devices produce an almost immediate benefit, with very rare adverse responses.  This protocol enables a self guided initial therapy experience.

This series assures a successful PEMF experience with progress evaluation, and early identification of factors that may result non-typical response.  The result is a successful first-time experience, with reduced discomfort, and early identification of non-typical response.

If you’ve had an experience where PEMF helped you… Please Submit a Survey.

Our surveys help others to see more than a single experience in simple testimonial. Data which shows what multiple people that a technology helped group of people is more credible.

This page provides access to methods for using various PEMF devices.





    • ashok on March 1, 2012 at 5:19 am
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    _Truth which medical community may take decades to understand.

    1. Upton Sinclair: “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!”

  1. Excellent presentations. How do I download the mobile app?

    I hope I can qualify for the financing. Situational history is, 20 years ago I was making $325K/yr, first year in hyperbarics/wound care I made nearly $500,000, then as the corporation which owned the main wound center in town also owned control in the surgicenter I was working at was chagrinned at my beating them single handedly, they first wanted a merger (which, as non-owner, I couldn’t arrange), then sent their insurance guy to be my new administrator to starve me out by changing all the insurance contract arrangements, then as they had no contract to cancel, they resorted to sham peer review which I won, then libel and slander which hurt my local business and led to my moving out here. Ist CA employer had just been fined by the IRS >$77K and they switched our agreed contract to a ridiculous one after my arrival, and I worked 6 weeks without pay. I then moved to another facility and after three weeks am only now starting to generate an income. This won’t look great on the application, but I’ve always managed to rise to the top when given a chance. An attorney undertook a multimillion libel suit against the hospital corp which is mentioned above, but that will settle in a few years probably (he’s working contingency, if that tells you how legitimate he thinks the suit is).

    Point being, I’m starting over after a very punishing battle against the local/national “big boys”, and could use a little confidence from someone despite my not being able to demonstrate a huge cash flow since around 2009, when the battle began. Concentra Medical Centers began as a single clinic in Amarillo, TX, with physicians I knew, grew to become Occusystems (then Concentra) and at that point was making $700,000 per year with 2 docs and a P.A. plus three nurses/techs. When I signed on I became the sole doc, yet in three years increased their income to $1.7 million/year. Wherever I’ve been I’ve been promoted without seeking same (managing partner of a $3.2M/year EM group, Credentials Committee Chief, Exec. Committee Member, director of the Concentra Clinic, President of the next ED group, director of the wound care service after that and Board Member of the surgicenter, so with a chance to move forward in new territory I will make good on any project undertaken. That’s my history, and it contains the significant predictors of my reliability, but those are not the usual questions asked on a financing agreement. I’ll submit it but you may need to put a word in for me. Thanks, Dr. Nelson

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