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Membrane Power

Pre­sen­ta­tion describes sev­er­al dom­i­nant fac­tors in phys­i­ol­o­gy. Cell mem­brane integri­ty and per­for­mance is not addressed in most heal­ing sys­tems.


Advances in cel­lu­lar sci­ence:
  • The intra/extra cel­lu­lar pH dif­fer­en­tial is a bat­tery;
  • Cell mem­brane recep­tors use the bat­tery;
  • A weak bat­tery means recep­tors can’t work well;
  • Mem­brane Pow­er dri­ves mem­brane func­tions;
  • Tox­ins & weak lipids short out the bat­tery and drain pow­er.
New Con­nec­tions in cell sci­ence:
  • Mem­brane break­down is pro­gres­sive;
  • Phase angle cor­re­lates with cel­lu­lar potas­si­um;
  • Phase angle tell­tales mem­brane dielec­tric qual­i­ty;
  • Elec­tri­cal­ly weak mem­branes can­not pro­duce potas­si­um;
  • Because both pH Volt­age and mem­brane strength are nec­es­sary;
  • for heal­ing, ana­bol­ic, metab­o­lism.
New mod­el­ing for chron­ic dis­ease:
  • Chron­ic Dis­ease is a self-rein­forc­ing loop;
  • Always more than one cause work­ing togeth­er;
  • Must break the causal loop to resolve chron­ic dis­ease;
  • Mul­ti­ple caus­es require mul­ti­ple inter­ven­tions;
  • Most chron­ic dis­eases fol­low ana­bol­ic break­down.
New Tools to improve metab­o­lism:
Phase Angle Ther­a­py is a new treat­ment mod­el:
  • Weak mem­brane integri­ty is a hid­den cause of dis­ease;
  • Mem­brane elec­tri­cal per­for­mance is the miss­ing ther­a­py link;
  • Phase angle opti­miza­tion is a reli­able met­ric;
  • Mem­brane integri­ty required for ana­bol­ic heal­ing.
Pulsed Fields are a pow­er­ful tool:
  • Pulsed Fields tug/nudge polar lipids to groom lipid struc­ture;
  • Lipid groom­ing improves cell volt­age;
  • Orga­nized lipids improve dielec­tric strength;
  • Orga­ni­za­tion decreas­es tox­in fit;
  • PEMF Help restart ana­bol­ic metab­o­lism;
  • Elec­tro­po­ra­tion dri­ves cel­lu­lar res­pi­ra­tion;
  • Accel­er­ates hydrophilic detox­i­fi­ca­tion;
  • Enables lipophilic tox­in release.


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