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Membrane Power

Presentation describes several dominant factors in physiology. Cell membrane integrity and performance is not addressed in most healing systems.


Advances in cellular science:

  • The intra/extra cellular pH differential is a battery;
  • Cell membrane receptors use the battery;
  • A weak battery means receptors can’t work well;
  • Membrane Power drives membrane functions;
  • Toxins & weak lipids short out the battery and drain power.
New Connections in cell science:

  • Membrane breakdown is progressive;
  • Phase angle correlates with cellular potassium;
  • Phase angle telltales membrane dielectric quality;
  • Electrically weak membranes cannot produce potassium;
  • Because both pH Voltage and membrane strength are necessary;
  • for healing, anabolic, metabolism.
New modeling for chronic disease:

  • Chronic Disease is a self-reinforcing loop;
  • Always more than one cause working together;
  • Must break the causal loop to resolve chronic disease;
  • Multiple causes require multiple interventions;
  • Most chronic diseases follow anabolic breakdown.
New Tools to improve metabolism:

Phase Angle Therapy is a new treatment model:

  • Weak membrane integrity is a hidden cause of disease;
  • Membrane electrical performance is the missing therapy link;
  • Phase angle optimization is a reliable metric;
  • Membrane integrity required for anabolic healing.
Pulsed Fields are a powerful tool:

  • Pulsed Fields tug/nudge polar lipids to groom lipid structure;
  • Lipid grooming improves cell voltage;
  • Organized lipids improve dielectric strength;
  • Organization decreases toxin fit;
  • PEMF Help restart anabolic metabolism;
  • Electroporation drives cellular respiration;
  • Accelerates hydrophilic detoxification;
  • Enables lipophilic toxin release.

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