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Adverse Response Analysis

PEMF is so effective so often that there is a tendency for some to believe that it is a magic bullet. This is not true. There are some circumstances where PEMF can increase symptoms and discomfort. Our goal publishing this information is to catalog and study these experiences, improve use of the technology, and to avoid harm.This page contains analysis for cases where PEMF produced a negative response. In all cases to date: Negative responses evidence a bigger systemic problem is causing a particular symptom.

Primary Goals:

  • Describe the physiological conditions that can result negative responses;
  • When possible, explain the physiology of a undesirable/unexpected response;
  • Guide future care;
  • Compile data regarding negative responses to void future ones.


Most individuals who use energetic therapy including PEMF have lost confidence in traditional therapy. The reliable performance of PEMF results in immediate and progressive relief in a strong majority of cases.  Surprise is typical.


PEMF therapy is becoming mainstream because:

  • Of rapidly growing recognition that drugs which mask symptoms do not to resolve the cause of a health problem. This awareness forces many to look outside the traditional treatments for real and durable answers to health challenges.
  • It works immediately with rare adverse effects. Typical response statistics eclipse performance of medical standard of care treatment;
  • It usually accelerates healing by significant amounts.  It is common to see acute injury heal 5x faster, and to arrest/revers chronic conditions;
  • Adverse responses are temporary and tend to resolve in hours or at most days.

PEMF is usually successful, and often produces durable recovery. In rare cases, more is required: Physiology Analysis Services provide answers.

Tools and methods

When possible we employ a detailed analysis to determine the why an individual experienced an negative response. This analysistargets major physiology areas:

  • Toxin accumulation in blood and lymphatic compartments;
  • Electrolyte Evaluation
  • Urine and Saliva electrophysiology, ORP, pH, Conductivity
  • Glucose Status
  • Autonomic Nervous System Status
  • Detailed review of existing medical records
  • Detailed questionnaire of preferences and tendencies.

See Membership for more information.

Adverse Response List

Intended Result Actual Result Interpretation Resolution
PEMF treatment of wrist of 72 year old woman. Chronic wrist Pain Reduce/resolve discomfort in wrist joint Wrist Discomfort increased and returned to original level in 1 week. Testing indicated: Saliva ORP Elevated, Urine NO3 levels 10x normal. Bilirubin & Ketones in urine indicated significant liver challenge. Detox protocol did not resolve systemic issues.Developed Toxin Backflow Test to avoid recurrence.
PEMF treatment of Botox Injection site 40 year old female. Accelerate effects of Botox injection to reduce wrinkles. Lesions with pustules formed at the injections sites along with a surrounding inflammation. PEMF improved immune response to Botox toxin causing immune system to reject to foreign agent. Lesion healed by itself.
PEMF treatment of low back 51 year old female Reduce post surgical discomfort and accellerate healing. Reduced discomfort. Nausea started at about 8 minutes. PEMF on traumatized tissue enabled release of stored toxins. Toxins entered circulation and increased liver stress, which caused nausea sensation. Nausea resolved after 20 minutes of rest. Advise limit PEMF exposure to multple 5 minute sessions separated by 1 hour to control discomfort.
PEMF treatment of Varicose Veins 74 year old male. Subject sought to improve vascular health by direct tissue treatment hoping to restore tissue integrity of degenerate veins. Vein ruptured causing bleeding after exposure. PEMF reduced capillary inflammation in capillary beds that fed veins. Restored pulse pressure from restored capillary circulation exceeded containment strength of degenerate veins resulting in bleeding. Bleeding stopped by itself with applied pressure.
Seizures Intensified after 1 minute test exposure to head 33 year old male. Reduce/eliminate seizures. Seizures increased. Testing indicated 10x normal electrical conductivity in extracellular compartment. Conductive toxins were “shorting out” nerve signals resulting in seizures Seizures stopped with 24 hours of starting lymphatic detox protocol.
Back pain increased post therapy, sensation of pulse in head for 5 days post therapy 43 year old male Reduce Back pain Increased back pain and caused pulsing sensation in head. Review of MRI showed 5 herniated disks invading spinal cord. Pressure on spine caused a natural spinal block. that blocked pain from lower sources.

Reduced inflammation caused invading disks to withdraw from spinal cord, opening spinal block, enabling pain from lower sources reach brain.

Pulsing sensation occured when reduced disk invasion opened spine canal to restore natural spinal pulse.

Previous condition resolved naturally at 5 days. Inflammation returned, restored spinal block, and blocked spinal fluid flow.

* PEMF often improves seizures due to probable improvement in nerve signal integrity. Adverse response due to electroporation likely indicates accumulation of toxins in fluids surrounding nerves.


    • Fausto Chavez on June 10, 2011 at 7:32 pm
    • Reply

    Just because a handful a patients experienced adverse affects does not negate the overwhelming benefits that the majority of PEMF users have experienced.

    1. Indeed. Thank you for your comment.

  1. Many instances above appear to indicate that healing was taking place because areas that were not getting circulation have been desensitized. Now that there is circulation, healing can progress which should be a bit painful.

    I have personally had the same reaction on my shoulder which had responded rather favorably to previous PEMF treatments. My shoulder actually became more painful for a little while. The next day the pain was gone and my shoulder has never felt better!

    Remember, this is not a “magical” device. Your own body has to heal itself. Go to and click on videos. It shows invitro what happens to your red blood cells after PEMF energy is applied. Using this up-regulation of your own cells healing mechanisms should be followed up with normal physical therapy. Unfortunately, physical therapy companies do not know about this technology yet. But that is changing slowly.

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