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Expect­ed Response Guide A response is a phys­i­cal effect pro­duced by PEMF expo­sure. This pub­li­ca­tion reflects thou­sands of obser­va­tions from PEMF use with TSDDs devices dat­ing back to 1900. PEMF ther­a­py is broad­ly applic­a­ble in a wide range of con­di­tions because it appears to improve cel­lu­lar ener­gy metab­o­lism relat­ing to vir­tu­al­ly all aspects of both …

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Unex­pect­ed Respons­es An unex­pect­ed response is a phys­i­cal response not antic­i­pat­ed by the pub­lished research data regard­ing PEMF.Categories of unex­pect­ed Respons­es: Bac­te­rio­sta­t­ic Regen­er­a­tive Bac­te­rio­sta­t­ic PEMF has mul­ti­ple ben­e­fi­cial effects on bac­te­r­i­al infec­tions. In some cas­es the response is high­ly effec­tive. The fol­low­ing obser­va­tions occurred in a 1 of 1 ratio (at this time), mean­ing that …


Adverse Response Analy­sis PEMF is so effec­tive so often that there is a ten­den­cy for some to believe that it is a mag­ic bul­let. This is not true. There are some cir­cum­stances where PEMF can increase symp­toms and dis­com­fort. Our goal pub­lish­ing this infor­ma­tion is to cat­a­log and study these expe­ri­ences, improve use of the …

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