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Energetic Nutrient Depletion

Energy Nutrient Depletion

Energetic nutrient depletion is a new discovery in cellular energetic metabolism.  Certain elements are critical to cellular energy production.  It was a discovery that certain minerals resolved this depletion.

This author discovered this doing prolonged PEMF exposure research. This author had a long-term pelvic discomfort, which seemed degenerate. This author applied experimental prolonged PEMF therapy, for 1+ hour on the affected area.

Long term exposure resulted in very increased discomfort and functional joint immobility – resulting in 2+ days of crawling (indignant).

PEMF is usually beneficial — but there is a real limit to the performance. Healing is always rate limited by something, usually missing.

There had to be a reason, What was the cause?

As an experiment, this author blended concentrated minerals with DMSO and applied the spray topically. This author was able to walk within 30 minutes, and run within 3 hours.  This experiment evidenced long term PEMF exposure created nutrient deficiency, which interfered with collateral physiological function.

Symptoms, likely resulting form nutrient depletion inhibiting neurological and cellular performance fully resolved within 12 hours. Full joint mobility fully returned within 3 hours. As of this writing is 30 days post experience no further discomfort has occurred.

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