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Inner Ear Inflammation

Inner Ear Inflammation

Frederick spent 5+ years with dizziness, or  Meniere’s triggered by stress and travel.

We developed this protocol based on stuck inner ear inflammation.  It worked in an afternoon.  Meniere’s is closely related to tinnitus…

Stress induced symptoms suggested that transient dips in plasma oxygen levels triggered inner ear inflammation.  The job was to turn off the inflammation.

Our research showed Oxygen Multistep Therapy described by Manfred von Ardenne, as effective for idiopathic hearing loss – so we thought why not try, it’s cheap, fast, & safe.  Menieres is closely related to tinnitus – except the tinnitus affects the auditory area of the ear instead of the balance.

Our therapy model consisted of:

This result evidences  Meniere’s appears to be primarily microcirculatory inflammation in the inner ear. These stacked energetic protocols target restoration of inner ear vascular flow, and restoration of cellular metabolism.

Frederick’s vertigo has not returned one year later.

What you need:

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