Zeta Probe Accelerates Recovery

Zeta Probe

The Zeta Probe, originally designed to aid in stroke recovery enables near overnight recovery from acute and chronic ankle injury with two NFL football players. Each case had been treated several times with standard PEMF coils, with limited results, including maximum “training room” care.

One single session, using the Zeta Probe, with a proprietary technique, resolved most of the discomfort.  Both players reported that a 20 minute repeat treatment, 24 hours later, resolved approximately 90% of the discomfort, and restored functional stability.  Both players reported their ankles were “game ready” very soon after the second therapy.

The new treatment method with the Zeta Probe utilizes the special characteristics of the proprietary Zeta Probe field.  The technique provides reproducible results which resolves discomfort and range of motion issues in both acute and chronic injury.

Both cases resolved sooner than the team’s training staff anticipated. The discomfort from each injury did not return, even after several weeks.  Neither injury has recurred, suggesting symptom improvements indicate bona-fide ability to accelerate healing and durable stabalization.

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    • pam sciurba on March 29, 2011 at 5:38 pm
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    can you please answer a few questions for me? One, I have a Pacemaker, but used PEMF in L.A. to no avail. Maybe a little energy. I was injured by injections of prolotherapy to my ligments, lowback muscles and sciatica. I have had this CHRONIC pain to the point of not being ble to sit for more than a half hour! This has been going on for 6 years. Can you help me find a doc I can talk to about this in my area?? I live
    in St. Charles Illinois. I know they say dont use PEMF if you have a Pace, but I used it for 2 weeks everyday while in L.A. and had my Pace checked since then. All is fine according to my cardiologists. I was told i can use the PEMF as long as I stay 6 inches away from my heart. Again, this machine may be able to help me where the coiled one did not. What are your thoughts? I’ve been searching for relief for 6 years due to 24/7 pain! I’m only 53. I hope you can help! Thank you!

    1. The contraindication for PEMF with pacemakers is based on concern that the PEMF device will damage the pacemaker. Please adhere to the advice of your cardiologist.


    2. Please try the Pelvic Correction method. This often helps to reduce irritation on the SI joint and the nerves there. Pelvic wedges are available at our store;
    3. Please try a "rope" attachment. This attachment wraps the waist and treats the spine tissue from the vertical axis – this often improves the response relative to older PEMF machines that you probably used in LA;
    4. Persistent back issues often require several weeks of work to produce a change. You may also want to try an ePad. Here is a Case Study of a woman with severe, chronic, back pain who improved her quality of life significantly over 6 months. The before/after MRI’s tell the story.

      It is likely your doctors have told you that your discomfort is "structural" in the spine. This means that there are solid artifacts, and chronic inflammation, present in your spine. These tools will reduce the inflammation.

      This is likely to moderate your discomfort, will hopefully make it so your body can do some healing.

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