PEMF is a highly effective technology which often produces beneficial results in minutes.  The links above provide access to the most usable and complete library on PEMF in the world.

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No known PEMF device is approved by the FDA for any purpose whatsoever – PEMF devices are experimental.


  1. BioLife Therapy System is the latest and most advanced technology in Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Therapy out of Italy and boasts unique dual transducer applicators. The transducer applicators allow for direct application of the electromagnetic treatment to the effected area on the body with specific frequency, intensity and time treatments. This allows for more efficient treatment and faster recovery of the pain effected area compared to the traditional matt only system.

    1. BioLife appears to be resonant device. We’ve developed some resources that describe the functional and therapeutic comparison of Resonant versus Plasma Pulse Devices.

      These response characteristics of these devices are different enough to cause considerable confusion. This page has a comparison chart to describe the technological differences – which suggest why they work differently in different applications.

      Our Devices Page provides a starting discussion on the differences, and our Pulsed Devices page provides a comparison chart of the known physiological effects that each category of device seems to invoke.

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