Let us share our what we’ve learned about PEMF with you

Most people who visit with us, do so to learn whether Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (or PEMF) will be helpful with their own health or that of a loved one (including animals),  or to decide whether they should add it to their practice.

As a background it may be useful for you to know we are a health solutions company that operates a private members clinic in Colorado.  As part of creating our services for our members, we started our own ongoing PEMF research process about 6 years ago.

During these 6 years we have owned a couple of different PEMF brands and tested most of the others.  Based upon our clinical experience with a multitude of different members and applications, we can say with confidence the Magna Pulse is powerful, easily adaptable, lightweight, and reliable.  We’re not saying it is the only high quality PEMF; it is the one we prefer.  In fact it was based upon our own success using the Magna Pulse with members that we chose to become a Magna Pulse distributor.

The information offered on this site is intended to reduce the confusion about what PEMF is, and isn’t, and help those in need of this powerful tool to make the best choice for their needs.

Whatever direction your research takes you, we offer the following insights:

  • PEMF treatments are safe and (usually) pleasant.  Often after only 15 minutes you can expect to experience less pain, greater range of motion, increased energy, (perhaps) even an increased sense of well-being.
  • BUT, probe choices and placement are keys to getting the best result. Make certain whoever you are buying from or being treated by, has the knowledge and training necessary to be able to train you or treat you.
  • Be wary of anyone who makes guarantees ESPECIALLY about curing illnesses.  While we consider PEMF a most powerful tool, it is not a magic bullet.  That said, when used properly (particularly in concert with other complementary tools like the pelvic correction technique shown on our website) PEMF results can be highly positive.
  • Lastly, be wary of “orange and apple” comparisons.  In our 6 years of clinical experience we have concluded most technologies offer some value, but some just offer FAR more than others.   In our society when one group of products is priced in the $3,000 range and another in the $20,000 range, it is because there are significant differences in engineering, quality, and performance.  PEMF is no different.

We hope you enjoy your visit!

Jim Comerford; www.magnapulse.com

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