Broken Nose – PEMF Zeta Probe

Screen Shot 2013-06-01 at 5.56.18 PMBrandon broke his nose on a knee board 45 minutes prior to therapy.   This video shows his injury immediately after and at 24 hours.
Use of a Zeta Probe:

  • Reduced pain immediately;
  • Reduced secondary trauma;
  • Bruising & swelling were reduced by approximately 75% of untreated levels;
  • in 14 minutes.

Treated wounds heal 4x faster than untreated. This video illustrates the care method and shows results at 20 hours post trauma.

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The Zeta Probe is preferable for post-injury and post-surgical trauma care because:

  • It reduces pain by about 80%;
  • Reduces recovery time by about 75%;
  • Delivers more focused energy to damaged tissue than other PEMF devices
  • Aids dispersion of cellular waste
  • No discomfort to damaged tissue
  • Limits/prevents inflammation
  • Reduces infection vulnerability
  • Reduces scarring.

Immediate care reduces healing time by limiting the secondary tissue damage, cellular distress, and ischemia. Visit our Injury Care Portal for a full injury care protocol.

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