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Integrated PEMF Home (or Office) Recovery Clinic

It is said, the effects of play­ing in an NFL Game feel about the same as being in 3 “fend­er-ben­ders”.  Win­ning a Stan­ley Cup typ­i­cal­ly involves a 20+ game run (at the end of an 80 game sea­son).  From UFC to the Olympics, the NBA to the World Cup com­pet­i­tive sport places demands on the …

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An answer to my prayers

In 2003 I had my thy­roid removed due to can­cer.  As part of my treat­ment I was giv­en a radi­a­tion pill but had a severe reac­tion to it.  I was burned inside; my cells were dead, I turned grey.  My doc­tors had no idea what hap­pened to me or what to do about it.  I …

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Let us share our what we’ve learned about PEMF with you

Most peo­ple who vis­it with us, do so to learn whether Pulsed Elec­tro­mag­net­ic Field Ther­a­py (or PEMF) will be help­ful with their own health or that of a loved one (includ­ing ani­mals),  or to decide whether they should add it to their prac­tice.

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PEMF is a high­ly effec­tive tech­nol­o­gy which often pro­duces ben­e­fi­cial results in min­utes.  The links above pro­vide access to the most usable and com­plete library on PEMF in the world.

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PEMF Live – Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy