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Integrated PEMF Home (or Office) Recovery Clinic

It is said, the effects of playing in an NFL Game feel about the same as being in 3 “fender-benders”.  Winning a Stanley Cup typically involves a 20+ game run (at the end of an 80 game season).  From UFC to the Olympics, the NBA to the World Cup competitive sport places demands on the …

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An answer to my prayers

In 2003 I had my thyroid removed due to cancer.  As part of my treatment I was given a radiation pill but had a severe reaction to it.  I was burned inside; my cells were dead, I turned grey.  My doctors had no idea what happened to me or what to do about it.  I …

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Let us share our what we’ve learned about PEMF with you

Most people who visit with us, do so to learn whether Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (or PEMF) will be helpful with their own health or that of a loved one (including animals),  or to decide whether they should add it to their practice.

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PEMF is a highly effective technology which often produces beneficial results in minutes.  The links above provide access to the most usable and complete library on PEMF in the world.

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PEMF Live – Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy